Wayne Lee

Comedic Hypnotist and Performance Expert

Wayne Lee has been called Canada’s “crown prince” of hypnotism, boasting a mastery of the craft that few others come close to. With the belief that the mind is more powerful than most people understand, Wayne shows audiences―such as clients McDonald’s, Toys R Us, General Motors, Shell Oil and Princess Cruise Lines―techniques to access inner strength through relaxation and mind-focussing techniques in order to better handle stress and achieve dreams. With his trademark humour and easy-going approach, Wayne also entertains audiences with a “hypnosis show” that is guaranteed to incite laughter and delight.

Wayne’s interest in visualization and mind power led him to the art of stage hypnosis. In 1994, Lee performed his first hypnosis show in front of a sold-out crowd and was immediately hooked. Over the years, Wayne has used hypnosis to excite, entertain, and mesmerize thousands of audiences throughout North America. His passion for his career is evident the moment he takes the stage. Every presentation is unforgettable and filled with laughter and inspiration that allows people to explore the depths of their imaginations, break through their fears, and live on purpose with more joy, freedom, and love.

Ignite The Magic Within

In Wayne Lee’s hands, magic and hypnosis release astonishing power – to focus through distractions, to channel emotions, to create opportunities and dissolve barriers. Sounds like hard work, but it’s not. It’s MAGIC!

  • Motivation
  • Awareness
  • Goals
  • Imagination
  • Choices

It’s mind over….well, just about anything!

In the blink of an eye, your audience will master success strategies they can put to work immediately, yet will last a lifetime. This riveting presentation reveals the limitless potential of a life transformed by the power of the mind.

As a participant in Wayne’s presentation, your audience will learn to:

  • Visualize achieving goals – and then take action
  • Overcome fear and eliminate self-doubt
  • Perform at peak levels of productivity and effectiveness alone or in teams
  • Reap the many benefits of deep relaxation and reduced stress
  • Master emotional states and not take things personally
  • Replace bad habits with successful behaviors
  • Bring their best to the table at work and at home

Audience members get wildly fired up about what’s possible PLUS they get tools and strategies to creatively program their lives for success THEN they return to work with new-found confidence, energy and enthusiasm NOW what will that do for your bottom line?

Live the Laughter: A Comedic Hypnosis Show

What does it mean to Live the Laughter? With Wayne Lee it means a highly interactive hypnosis show as unique as it is hilarious. It means gut-splitting laughter and improbable scenes acted out by audience members no longer inhibited by their fears.

More than a hypnotist, more than a speakers, Wayne Lee delivers premium entertainment value with a message of empowerment that stays with participants long after the laughter fades.

During Wayne’s Comedic Hypnosis Show, audiences:

  • Witness mind-blowing “walk-around magic” before the performance
  • Survive unforgettable, side-splitting laughter
  • Dance outrageously, act out their dreams, and even become celebrities!
  • Discover the mind’s power to focus on achieving their goals
  • Break through their fears and inhibitions to fill their lives with joy
  • Learn visualization techniques that reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • Connect with their colleagues while feeling energized, inspired, and empowered

Even the most jaded cynics will laugh uncontrollably…and then thank you!

Guarantee the success of your next event.

Live the Laughter: A Comedic Hypnosis Show is the perfect tonic to improve morale and encourage team-building within your organization. It will give wings to any event on your calendar, whether it’s a convention, conference, awards banquet, customer staff appreciation night, holiday party, or a fundraiser.

Wayne Lee presentations deliver the ultimate in corporate entertainment – hilarious, tasteful, and inspiring!

When Wayne’s show is over, what will you have? A room full of relaxed, yet intellectually sharp and motivated people, ready to take on the world.