Jessi Cruickshank

Speaker, Celebrity

Jessi Cruickshank

Co-Host of CBC TV’s The Goods and Canada’s Smartest Person

Called “the funniest woman on TV today, period”, by The Province, Jessi Cruickshank is currently the host of CBC TV’s Canada’s Smartest Person and the new co-host of the network’s new daytime talk show, The Goods. A household name, Jessi also uses her celebrity profile to shed light on the social issues that affect us all. Able to speak on her career trajectory, as well as on topics surrounding her philanthropic endeavours, Jessi’s ease in front of an audience and her personable demeanour make her a natural choice for a wide variety of events and endorsements.

Jessi broke into comedy as the only girl in an all-male improv troupe alongside Seth Rogen. She soon became a household name as the face of MTV, hosting the daily show MTV Live and smash hit The Hills After Show, which was syndicated in ten countries and generated record-breaking ratings in Canada and the United States.

Jessi went on to host Live from E!, Oh Sit! Jerseylicious, Olympic Morning, and recently wrapped six seasons as the Los Angeles-based host of Canada’s #1 entertainment show, eTalk.

Jessi has also travelled the world as a keynote speaker and the Canadian ambassador for Free the Children.

Born in an A&W

Jessi Cruickshank was born in an A&W restaurant in Calgary, Alberta. She is now developing her own show with the Executive Producers of The Oprah Winfrey Show in Los Angeles. How on earth did she get there? In her candid, interactive and raucously funny speech, Jessi will talk about all of the choices she has made (the good ones and the not so good ones…) that got her to that place. The secrets of success are the same no matter what field you are in. Jessi’s story of going from a fast food restaurant in Calgary, to being the only girl on an all-male improv team with Seth Rogen in Vancouver, to breaking up fights between Lauren and Heidi in LA, will not only have the audience in stitches, but motivate them to make the choices that will allow them to live their dreams and achieve their goals.

The Power to Create Change

As long time Canadian ambassador for non-profit organization Free the Children, Jessi speaks about her eye opening experiences leaving the comfort of her MTV studio and travelling to rural India and Kenya. From carrying poop in India to drinking Goats blood in Kenya, Jessi’s often hilarious and always powerful stories about her travels allow her to tackle serious global issues in a refreshingly relatable way. She talks about the pop-culture bubble so many young people in North America get trapped in today and challenges them to pop it, to see beyond the MTV world and discover the power they hold to create positive change in their colleges, communities and in the world.

Finding Happiness in a Material World

In North America, we spend more money on the diet industry than the government spends on health, education and welfare combined. Last year more people voted for American Idol than for any president in US history and 1 in 4 Canadian teens say they would rather be famous than work to make a difference in the world. As the face of MTV and the LA correspondent for ETALK, Jessi talks candidly about navigating a material and pop-culture obsessed world. She opens up about her own experiences working in an industry where quite often how you look is more important than how you think, where your net worth is more relevant than your self-worth, and where success is measured by what you have not what you have to give. Revealing a new side of herself, Jessi will empower her young audience to discover that happiness is not about what you have in your life, but what you choose to do with it.

Making the Most of Your College Life

Jessi attended the University of Toronto on a full scholarship and graduated with honours, but the things she cherishes the most about her university education were the things that had nothing to do with her formal “education.” Jessi will speak about how she got involved in university by starting a special needs drama program at a local high school, joining the student council, playing intramural sports and getting involved with Free the Children, and why students should strive to find a similar balance. Telling a series of wildly funny, honest and relatable anecdotes, Jessi’s uncanny ability to relate to young audiences will leave them motivated to create opportunities and make the most of their college experience.

Host and MC

As the host of a live daily talk show on MTV, broadcast to over 90 million homes across North America, Jessi knows how to work a room. With her signature warmth and wit, Jessi has MC’d and hosted charity fundraisers, private parties, red carpets, award shows, store openings and corporate events all across Canada and the US. Her sharp wit and charm allow her to relate to any crowd and make any event a truly memorable one.

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