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Dr. Shimi Kang

Award-Winning Harvard-Trained Physician | Bestselling Author | Global Social Entrepreneur

An award-winning medical doctor, researcher, and lecturer on human motivation, Dr. Shimi Kang offers the keys people of all ages need to succeed in the workplace, the classroom, and at home. With over fifteen years of clinical experience and extensive research in the science that lies behind motivation and wellness, Dr. Kang shows people how to cultivate the key 21st century skills needed to flourish both professionally and personally.

Dr. Kang is the Medical Director of Child and Youth Mental Health for Vancouver and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. She is the author of The Self-Motivated Kid and The Dolphin Parent: A Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Self-Motivated Kids. This critically acclaimed book became a #1 Canadian Bestseller, released in Germany, Russia, and China, and won the 2015 US News International Book Award.

Whether as a parent, educator, colleague, or manager, Dr. Kang shows how pushing/hovering “tigers” and directionless/permissive “jellyfish” hinder internal drive and adaptability. She proposes a powerful new interpersonal model: the intelligent, strong, happy, and highly social dolphin. By drawing on the latest neuroscience and behavioral research, Dr. Kang shows how this authoritative style encourages self-motivation and the key 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, contribution, creativity, and critical thinking.

Dr. Kang uses irrefutable science, unforgettable true stories, and her own life experiences to support her message: as the fifth child of immigrant parents, she was never pushed, hovered over, or enrolled in a single extra-curricular activity. Internally driven by passion and purpose, Dr. Kang entered medical school at the age of 19, completed her fellowship at Harvard, and has excelled in diverse sectors such as medicine, management, publishing, and business while being a mom of three fantastic and exhausting children!

In the media, Dr. Kang is a writer with articles featured in The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, South China Morning Post, and Time magazine. She is a recognized media expert for discussing both common and complex conditions such as health, lifestyle, motivation, leadership, workplace culture, and 21st century skills. She has been invited to contribute to major news outlets such as NPR, CBC National News and Radio, CTV National, Al Jazeera, Der Speigel, and Washington Post.

Dr. Kang is an entertaining and experienced speaker. She has presented at events ranging from the world’s largest conferences to customized workshops for small groups. Dr. Kang has shared the stage with cutting edge scientists, movie stars, professional athletes, national politicians, CEOs, and even a Miss Universe! At her TEDx presentation, Dr. Kang skillfully combined her knowledge of motivation into her talk for a unique “therapeutic presentation” that lead to a standing ovation.

Dr. Kang is seriously concerned about the direction of humanity and has made promoting mental health and wellness a priority. She is Global Presence Ambassador – a humanitarian organization that works to promote life skills for youth around the world. She has recently launched DolphinKIDS: Future-Ready Leaders, her own Innovation, Leadership, and Wellness Programs for youth in Canada, US, and India.

Dr. Kang was honored with the Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for her years of outstanding community service. She has received five national awards in the field of addictions and mental health including the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Research Award and was the 2016 recipient of the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award in Health and Wellness for Vancouver.

Optimizing Mental Health and Profitability: How to Manage Stress and Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

One in four employees have a diagnosable mental health disorder and everyone deals with daily stress.

Dr. Shimi Kang shares the science behind stress and mental health issues in the workplace. She provides a background of the current rising trends in stress and mental illness and discusses how business leaders can mitigate the risk of having a mentally unhealthy workforce.

Dr. Kang outlines how stress and mental illness affects productivity, and in turn, profitability – especially in the modern day workplace.

Lastly, Dr. Kang leaves leaders with practical everyday “prescriptions” they can use both personally and professionally to empower their workforce and improve their bottom line.

A Leader’s Guide to Creating a Motivated Workplace

Few speakers are able to lay out the neuroscience, biology, psychology, and reality of motivation like Dr. Shimi Kang.

A Harvard trained specialist, Dr. Kang knows exactly how to harness motivation toward health, happiness, and lasting success. She combines irrefutable science with unforgettable stories in a whirlwind tour that leaves audiences with the tools to be better leaders and managers, and create a culture of healthy, happy and motivated people.

In this talk, Dr. Kang will cover:

  • The science of how humans are naturally motivated;
  • Daily activities that will enable managers and leaders bring out the best in themselves and those around them; and
  • Tools and tips on how to build a more collaborative, engaged and productive culture of excellence.

The Dolphin Model of Raising Happy, Healthy Kids: For Parents and Educators

We are the most informed generation of parents and educators that have ever walked the planet, yet we are raising children with rising rates of stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addiction, obesity, and diabetes. Medical history was made when being from a higher socioeconomic class became a risk factor for adolescent anxiety, depression, and substance use.

In over 15 years of working directly with countless children and families, Dr. Kang has witnessed firsthand how today’s modern lifestyle and trends of over-scheduling, over-instructing, and overprotecting kids are seriously under-preparing them for real life by impeding their self-motivation, sense of community, and ability to adapt.

In this dynamic presentation, Dr. Kang uses irrefutable science and unforgettable stories from around the world to walk audiences through her three-part method for raising healthy, happy, self-motivated kids.

Whether as a parent or educator, Dr. Kang shows how pushing/hovering “tigers” and directionless/permissive “jellyfish” models hinder kids’ internal drive and adaptability.

She proposes a powerful new interpersonal model for raising the next generation: the intelligent, strong, joyful, and highly social “dolphin” approach.

By drawing on the latest neuroscience and behavioral research, Dr. Kang shows how the dolphin style encourages self-motivation and the key 21st century skills of “CQ”: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and contribution.

Dr. Kang provides the audience with “prescriptions” to cultivate the essential skills needed for true success in our globally connected, fast paced, and ultra-competitive 21st century world.

Adaptability: The One Skill Needed for Lasting Success

“All success is successful adaptation and all failure is the failure to adapt.”

Whether in the natural world, the business world, or one’s personal world, the ability to adapt is the one skill consistently proven to lead to lifelong success. But what are the ingredients of adaptation? How, why, and when do we adapt?

In this talk, Dr. Kang discusses the science behind adaptability and its core ingredients of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

She explains how these key 21st century skills and adaptability are needed now more than ever in our rapidly changing, globally connected, and ultra-competitive modern world.

Lastly, Dr. Kang leaves the audience with numerous practical evidence-based “prescriptions” that lead to adaptability and lasting success.

How Our Amazing Brain Works: Motivation

The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe. With over 100 billion interconnected neurons, the human brain communicates trillions of messages every split-second.  Thankfully, the sciene behind motivation is actually simple to understand — but let’s not be mistaken: simple is not easy!

In this talk, Dr. Shimi Kang discusses the real-life activities that stimulate the release of the neurochemical central to motivation – dopamine, and explains ways in which we can tap-in to this natural resource to keep ourselves motivated and happy in our lives.

Audiences leave more knowledgeable, more thoughtful, more grounded, and more inspired to fill the highest potential of their own amazing brains.

Additional Topics


  • It’s Not IQ vs. EQ! Consciousness Quotient – CQ Is Needed for 21st Century Success
  • Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World
  • Gen Y Millennials in the Workplace
  • The Neuroscience of Success
  • Prescriptions for a Healthy Workplace
  • Maximising Engagement and Performance
  • Can Women Have a Career and Family All At Once?

Celebrity Services

Dr. Shimi Kang is available for sponsorships, endorsements, public relations and media spokesperson campaigns, product launches, voiceovers, celebrity appearances, and more.

Guiding Towards Self-Motivation and 21st Century Leadership

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Shimi Kang will provide practical communication and lifestyle “prescriptions” proven to enhance self-motivation and cultivate the key 21st century skills. She will utilize real world, everyday scenarios, stories, and problem-solving – providing both the latest scientific research and memorable experiential learning.

Specific content will include:

  • Expansion of the understanding of key concepts of self-motivation, adaptability, and CQ
  • 5 specific evidence based communication tools that lead to self-motivation, adaptability, and CQ
  • 5 specific evidence based lifestyle tools that lead to self-motivation, adaptability, and CQ
  • Time to practice, role-play, and question the theory and utilization of these concepts and tools.