Dr. Lisa Kramer

Expert in Behavioural Finance and Neuroeconomics

Stirring up controversy in financial circles for over a decade with her seminal contributions bridging the gap between rational finance and behavioural finance, Dr. Lisa Kramer is no stranger to the dynamic marketplace of ideas. An expert on behavioural finance, investments, capital market seasonality, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, and personal finance, Dr. Kramer captivates audiences with her real-time demonstrations of human biases. Participants come away with a deeper understanding of recent, state-of-the-art developments in the exciting field of behavioural finance.

Dr. Kramer’s research has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business, MONEY, US News and World Reports, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, Business Week, Fast Company, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, and on CBC Television and Radio.

She received her PhD in finance from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia and is Professor of Finance at the University of Toronto. She has also held the Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation Term Professorship, and spent a sabbatical as a visiting scholar in the Psychology Department at Stanford University.

Mind Over Money

Lisa provides a captivating introduction to key concepts from the field of behavioural finance. Traditional economics is based on strong assumptions that market participants are fully rational. In this discussion, we consider an alternative view: that humans are prone to behavioural biases and these affect financial decisions in concrete ways. Many interactive and humorous examples are provided, and almost anything can happen. In any given presentation, randomly chosen audience members may be recruited to demonstrate behavioural finance concepts in real time, entertaining video clips may be employed, or a spontaneous auction of a $20 bill may emerge to humorous effect. Audience members will learn about cutting-edge developments and will come away with a new appreciation for the way our mind affects our money. This presentation can be customized to suit audiences ranging from novices to experts in terms of their financial expertise.

This is Your Brain on Finance

Lisa draws on her experiences as a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University to highlight the exciting new field of neurofinance, which is a blend of neuroscientific analysis and behavioural finance. In this entertaining discussion, she highlights some of the surprising and interesting results that have emerged very recently from studies that use medical brain scanning technology to study financial decision making. What parts of the brain are involved in taking risks versus avoiding risks? Can brain scans tell us what investors are thinking? What does all of this mean for the future practice of finance? Lisa explains what has emerged from this new form of scientific inquiry and demonstrates its relevance to modern finance, consumer marketing, and even law. This presentation is suitable for generalists and financial professionals alike.

Behavioural Finance: What's Next?

Take an educational and entertaining ride through the lessons of behavioural finance, from its earliest beginnings (entire decades ago!) through to a crystal-ball glance at what the future holds. Topics include anchoring, loss aversion, emotions, social finance, choice architecture, neuroeconomics, and genetics. Suitable for diverse audiences.

Custom Content

Lisa is also willing to customize content to suit your audience’s needs.