Dr. Kit Yarrow

Award-Winning Consumer Psychologist

Dr. Kit Yarrow is the envy of her friends―after all, it’s her job to go shopping. An award-winning consumer research psychologist and a professor of both psychology and marketing, she has taught consumer behaviour to audiences around the world. Her speeches on consumer trends, Generation Y, and the psychology of consumers offer priceless tactics to capture the attention of your demographic and keep them coming back.

Dr. Yarrow chairs Golden Gate University’s Psychology Department was named the 2009 Outstanding Scholar of the university. Yarrow has taught consumer behaviour at universities around the world, from Slovenia to Malaysia, including at the Helsinki School of Economics and U.C. Berkeley. As a consultant, her clients have included The Gap, General Electric, Del Monte, Landor, Nokia, and AAA.

She is the author of the revolutionary publication, GenBuy, a book which reveals unique insight into the hearts and minds of Generation Y consumers, and the upcoming book, Decoding the New Consumer Mind. She is frequently called upon by media to share her expertise.

Decoding the New Consumer Mind

A decade of swift and stunning shifts in how, when and why consumers shop and buy has created a more volatile marketplace and new, more dynamic consumer expectations. It’s also created competitive opportunities for the retailers and marketers that understand the new psychology of today’s consumers.

Retailers and marketers that tap into the psychology of today’s customers are able to connect with consumers more effectively now, and more accurately predict what’s coming next.  Through case examples, videos, humor and insights from her own award-winning research, Kit will inspire attendees to make immediate use of:

  • Six significant socio-cultural shifts that have permanently changed the psychology of consumers
  • Eight ways that consumers shop, decide and are motivated to buy differently today
  • Eight strategic, actionable recommendations to tap into today’s new consumer psychology

Millennials Decoded: Insights and Tactics for Marketers

Millennials are a unique generation of shoppers and they’re on the cusp of having more spending power than Boomers. As the first generation to grow up with the Internet, they think, relate and buy differently than others. And as an empowered generation that’s used to being seen and heard, they expect you to know them too.

Attendees will acquire an essential understanding of how Millennials are fundamentally different from other generations, what motivates them to buy and what they’re looking for in their relationships with retailers and brands. Loaded with up-to-the-minute research, case examples and actionable psychological insights, this presentation will leave participants armed with six essential new strategies for marketing to Millennials.

The Psychologically Sophisticated Leader

Socio-cultural changes have resulted in a workplace that’s immeasurably more complex, emotional and challenging than ever before. Today’s leaders face more employee anxiety and skepticism, a more individualistic and less empathic workforce, and new thinking styles that have resulted from our use of technology. Great leaders have always been a little better at understanding people, but today they need even more psychological sophistication to be effective.

Adapted from Kit’s popular talk for Stanford Executive Briefings, this 2–5 hour interactive workshop is designed to give attendees the insight, specific tools and confidence they need to lead, manage and inspire others — particularly the Millennial workforce.  Topics include:

  • Psychological insights about the inner workings of angry, anxious and unmotivated employees
  • Clinical communication tools so that people not only hear, but also understand
  • Authentic leadership confidence that comes from understanding the actions of others
  • Emotional resilience that results in proactive, not reactive leadership