Barbara Stegemann


Barbara Stegemann

Top Game Changer CBC's Dragons' Den | CEO and Founder, The 7 Virtues

Barbara Stegemann’s entrepreneurial vision was formed after her best friend—a soldier—was severely wounded in Afghanistan. Understanding that supporting Afghanistan’s economy was a key to building stability for its people, Stegemann created The 7 Virtues Beauty—a company that sources organic oils from countries (such as Afghanistan, Haiti the Middle East and Rwanda) experiencing turmoil to encourage change and to reverse the effects of war and poverty. Despite addressing complex global matters in her talks, she uses humour to explain how individuals can effect change both at home and worlds away.

Stegemann became known to millions of Canadians when she became the first woman from Atlantic Canada to land a venture-capital deal on the CBC TV show Dragons’ Den for The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc. She went on to become the “Top Game Changer” in the history of the show for her social enterprise.

Since then, Stegemann was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada; won the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the emerging Entrepreneur category for Atlantic Canada”; was ranked as one of Profit Guide magazine’s “Top 30 Cool and Fabulous Canadian Entrepreneurs”, her fragrance collection won Chatelaine’s “Beauty 100 Award”; received the “Women Innovators Award” from the US State Department at the APEC Women and the Economy Summit; and was also made the first female Honorary Colonel in the history of 14 Wing Greenwood base, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Stegemann has opened as keynote speaker for Erin Brockovich, and is often invited to moderate panels and attend events as a delegate with world leaders such as Bill Clinton.

A newsmaker, Stegemann has been featured in major media around the world including in the The Wall Street Journal Magazine, The London Sunday Times, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Tattler, and on CBC, CNN, Bloomberg, and more.

Stegemann is the author of the bestselling book, The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen.

Her fragrances that rebuild are phthalate free and vegan and are available at the Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada and in the USA at Lord & Taylor online and on Fifth Ave NYC. A documentary on her story Perfume War, directed by award-winning Canadian film maker, Michael Melski, won the Best Feature Documentary at the 2016 Atlantic Film Festival.

Philosophical Principles to Success (That Our Mother's Didn't Tell Us)

The ancient stoic wisdom of the Philosophers has provided a guide for men to lead in politics and business for thousands of years. The Philosophers believe your character is your destiny and it costs nothing to build your character. The power of this wisdom for men and women is significant. For women in leadership roles, historically we didn’t necessarily have conversations with our mothers about the stoic wisdom of Adam Smith and Capitalism or Plato and the Polis. Barb Stegemann uses humour and storytelling to bring this usable, stoic wisdom to life in modern times. She draws from her bestselling book, The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen, and her stories launching her fragrance company to connect with the every day practice of philosophy.

Make Perfume Not War – Changing the world of Beauty to Empower

Barb Stegemann shares how she launched her bestselling book and global prestige fragrance brand out of her garage in Nova Scotia. Competing in the iconic department stores around the world, she shares how to protect your ideas and take them to action.

Stegemann uses compelling storytelling to shine light on the farmers she works with in Haiti, Rwanda, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. She shows how we can use social enterprise to reverse issues of war and poverty. She shares how going on the reality TV show Dragons’ Den helped her to find the mentor and the resources she needed to support her best friend’s mission in Afghanistan to build peace after he was severely wounded. She draws from her bestselling book, The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen, and her experience launching her fragrance company in a global competitive market.

How the Business Cavalry will Build (and Monetize) Peace

Barb Stegemann is on a mission to build peace. Her prestigious fragrance brand, The 7 Virtues, sources fair trade essential oils from nations rebuilding after war or strife to empower. She shows how business is the missing link in building peace. She will share how to ignite a cavalry of businesses to do trade with nations rebuilding. She shows how the virtues of wonder, moderation, truth, courage, justice, wisdom, and beauty form the foundation for launching a social enterprise and building peace by empowering others.

Stegemann uses humour and storytelling to share how consumers can change the world and how businesses can lead. She draws from her bestselling book, The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen, and stories about launching her fragrance company, to connect with the every day practice of philosophy.